C/LRRP Veteran's Day Operations
12:00 EST, 11 Nov 2010 - 5403.5 KHz USB
N3FRQ/2 Central Control, Bayonne, NJ

  • N3IBX - Joe, Washington's Crossing, PA
  • N3OD - Lou, Portland, PA
  • W1VZR - Pete, Limerick, ME
  • WB2JWU - Pete, Holderness, NH - PRC-47
  • KA2ILJ/M - Dewitt, Edmeston, NY
  • KK1K/P - Dean, Milton, VT - PRC-515
NCS Station

  • PRC-2000
  • 20 watts PEP
  • End-Fed Half-Wave Inverted-V at 15 Feet
  • 20-foot Counterpoise
  • Home-brew tuner improved signal considerably.
A boat crane, the last remaining vestige of the Electric Launch Company ( ELCO) manufacturers of WWII Patrol -Torpedo Boats including PT-109. ELCO PT-Boat Crane
So, What's Wrong with My Whip?

Your sigal is shown in red.

(Low half-wave in blue.)
End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna
for 75, 60, and 40 Meters

  • 120 feet of Commo (Field-Phone) Wire for 3.9 MHz.
  • Open Links for Higher Frequencies
    • 40 Meters 65 Feet
    • 60 Meters 86.5 Feet
  • Insulator and Parachute Cord at Far End
End-Fed Half-Wave
Antenna Hakyard
Getting the Wire Into the Sky

The Halyard
  • About 50 feet long
  • Be careful with the knot on the sinker.  I had a normally trustworthy bowline work loose in the polyester line.
Fuchs End-Fed Tuner
The Tuner

While most packsets, designed for short whips, will resonate an end-fed half-wave wire,  the radiation resistance of the much longer antenna in about 50 ohms as opposed to just a couple of ohms as presented by the whip.  N3FRQ was able to run todays net with the PRC-2000's internal tuner, but signal reports improved dramatically when the external tuner was used in place of the internal auto tuner.

This design is easy to reproduce:

Fuchs Antenna Matching Unit

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