The Military Radio Collectors Association
Tobyhanna Army Depot, 9 September 2000


Standing: John Phipps - K1KHP, Dave Kormanicki - KB3ELD, Tom Mackie - W2ILA, Bill Donzelli, Paul Cavalla - N2SPJ, Larry Damour - N1PHV,  Steve Finelli - N3NNG, Mike Oxen Rider - WB3CTC, Paul Bernhardt - KF4FOR, Pete Hammersma - WB2JWU, Joe Long - W2EJT , Norm Chipps - N3RZU
Kneeling: Hank Brown - W6DJX, Lou Ribble - KD3BS, Ted Young - W3PWW, Dale Gagnon - KW1I, Meir Ben Dror - WF2U, Al Klase - N3FRQ


Dale Gagnon:
Radio equipment on the historic ships
Cassin Yound Emergency Radio Room
Norm Chipps:
RCA aeronautic radios of the 1930's
Paul Bernhardt:
Classic European communication receivers.
  Mike Hanz:
Cable reproductions.
Canteen Receiver
Al Klase:
Clandestine radios.

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